Tomato & Spinach Galette



Of course, this entry would originate from a country that doesn’t contribute an ounce of blood to my heritage, but it’s okay! Galettes are so versatile, you can adapt the flavors to your heart’s desire!

Pronounced guh-let, Galettes derive from France and refer to rustic-style, crusty cakes. They make great party food, appetizers, or meal for one. What’s awesome is you can really put whatever you want in the middle, savory or sweet. Today, I chose a pie dough based, caprese-type Galette with tomatoes, spinach, some herbs, and mozzarella cheese.

galette ingredients

galette extr ingredients

Because this recipe calls for pie dough, I’ve created a perfect pie dough recipe that works really well for this dish. Not too fatty, not too sweet. Perfectly lean and flaky.

I also highly suggest you have all of your ingredients as fresh as possible. I grow tomatoes and spinach in my backyard, as well as a handful of herbs. Grocery store items are absolutely fine, but you can truly appreciate your food so much more when you hand pick your ingredients.

Okay! You have all of your ingredients! Here we go!

galette recipe pt 1


galette step collage

galette recipe pt. 2

mm, dinner!























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