Old World Mussels with Galuska

At my work, my Chef’s wife can do some seriously traditional cooking. Not too long ago, she made an excellent seafood pasta with shrimp, fish, and shellfish. I had never had shellfish before, so I closed my eyes for my first bite. Man, was it good. It was absolutely wonderful, so of course I had to tell my mother about it. She immediately cringed and said, “ICK, BLECK! They’re water bugs!” at the mention of mussels. And with that, it was official: I was making mussels, everyone was going to have some, and it was going to be awesome.

This was my first time ever preparing shellfish, so this recipe was kind of exciting for me. I had to make sure I wasn’t just being a copy cat; I had to make these mussels MY mussels. I brought the traditions I’ve learned in my kitchen into this dish, giving it a lovely “old world” touch.

Mussels ingredients 1Mussels ingredients 2

mussels ingredients 3

Without further ado: Mussels and Galuska.

mussels prep

A note on shellfish: How mussels are handled is extremely important. Any seafood can make you very sick if not prepared properly. Never let shellfish sit out at room temperature. Never serve a mussel with a closed shell- it hasn’t been cooked properly. Always rinse or wash your seafood properly before cooking.

mussels recipe 1mussels recipe 2Mussels 1

For the Galuska:

Galuska ingredientsgaluska recipe

Mussels 2



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