Rizi Bizi: Amped Up! With bacon!


Say it. Rizi Bizi. Go ahead, say it. It’s pronounced exactly how it looks. Rizi Bizi. Say it three times really fast.

Rizi Bizi Rizi Bizi Rizi Bizi.

Rice and Peas. That’s all it is. It’s simple and easy (have you noticed a theme here?), and is a quick side dish to keep a meal light.

Rizi Bizi ingredients

rizi bizi extra ingredients

Yep, I hopped on the bacon train and rode that baby all day. I try not to get too into the whole bacon fad, but sometimes it just fits right into what i’m cooking. Because this side dish has a quieter flavor, I think the smokiness of the bacon helps keep it interesting. If you want to stick to the basics, omit the bacon!

In addition to our porky friend, I cooked the rice and peas in chicken broth instead of water. My mother never ever made rice in boring ol’ water. Always chicken broth, and it stuck with me. It’s just better.

By the way, if you hadn’t noticed, I didn’t specify an amount of peas. I added the peas by eye because it really doesn’t effect the recipe too much. As long as you don’t outnumber the rice, you’ll be in good standing. Eat your veggies!

So like I said, super quick and easy. Bada bing, bada boom:

rizi bizi directions

If you find this too bland, you could totally add a little something to amp up the flavor a little more. I used a little lemon thyme (I freaking love lemon thyme). There’s the parsley, or some cilantro or dill would do fine too. Avoid salt, since the chicken broth and bacon will already be knocking your sodium intake through the roof. Mmm, salt.

rizi bizi 1rizi bizi 2

Don’t forget the white wine!




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