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Hi, everyone!

We are officially set in the middle of Autumn.  Halloween (the best holiday ever) has passed. Our surprise visits of 70 degree weather have entirely left us in the Midwest. The threat of early snow is creeping in, and all the little bugs that have been hiding in your walls have come out to surprise you when you least expect it 🙂

Bring out the fuzzy socks. Air out your thick blankets you’ve kept in the closet. Light a fire. Try not to fall asleep before 7 p.m.

And bring out the stewing beef you’ve been ignoring in the back of your freezer. We’re making Hungarian Gulyás!

gulyas 2

Gulyás has been an iconic staple in Hungarian cooking for as long as Hungarian cooking has been a thing (forever). If you happen to keep a large cauldron over a fire pit in your backyard, you can cook Gulyás in its most traditional form. Otherwise a large pot over a stove will do just fine. All of the ingredients are cheap, and you more or less throw everything in a pot and just let it stew. Perfect for cold weather, right?

Not too long ago, I submitted a narrative on my mother’s Gulyás- our family recipe. I really, truly hold this dish near to my heart, and I know I’ve made it right simply by comparing the look and taste to my memories.

You’ll find my story and my recipe here.

Really, you can serve Gulyás over any starchy noodle. Mashed or baked potatoes would work nicely, too. The stew serves its purpose just as well, however, on its own. Here is my nokedli recipe, for those who haven’t seen it for the 8 millionth time already.

gulyas 1

So invite some friends over. Gather your kids together. Make a big pot of this beefy, saucy, hot stew. Cuddle up in your throw blankets, and pop in a movie while you warm your tummy.

Red wine pairs nicely with the stew and fuzzy socks 😉


I’ve still been super busy!! You have no idea what I’ve been up to?

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